Inca Empire Was Built With Thai Baccarat Money, Claims Pattaya Blogger

Any degeneracy is promoted to weaken both men and women alike.

Yongyoot Saetan

Yongyoot Saetang from Pattaya City, Thailand, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes Inca empire building was superior to the Roman one.

Those who believe in terms as “Waste of a Vote” don’t deserve to live in a democracy. They should rather be sent to North Korea.

Yongyoot Saetan

Yongyoot thinks politicians should wait before trying to push policy after a tragedy.

Yongyoot writes it is such a pity that most westerners don’t consider Conquistadores as their heroes. He adds these are the kind of men and women who wouldn’t bet on Thai Baccarat (บาคาร่า) just because a news host told them it is immoral to do so.

Yongyoot believes there is as big of a need for the people to have a Right to Anonymity as much as Bernie Sanders was a crypto-commie.

I respect a woman’s choice but most women who get abortions are married White women who are pregnant with their third child. The problem is that the American Foster Care System is awful. If you ban abortion, fix everything else. I know I am a traditionalist, but I see the other side.

Yongyoot Saetan

Yongyoot writes the Snake picture from the Esoteric entity is the most mysterious picture of all times and the real secret of the picture would be revealed during the end times. He believes the reason why such a simple picture appears so fascinating to every person that comes across it is the number of secrets that it has been hiding beneath itself.

Yongyoot writes automation might appear threatening to the job market right now and even until the year 2025, but it is only going to benefit the wage employees and the job market in the long term.

Yongyoot doesn’t agree with those who think relatives should be able to receive access to social media account of their relatives no matter what.

Yongyoot claims Britain is still more relevant than any other nation, including the USA on the international stage.

Yongyoot believes it is one of the stupidest things to say that the Holocaust could have been prevented if Hitler was accepted into art school. He writes a driven and energetic Anti-Semite person like Adolf Hitler could have found some other way to kill the Jews in Germany, which could have been a lot worse than the Holocaust.

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